How to append Videos with Avidemux

I thought that some of you might benefit from knowing this, since I did not know. But there is a neat tool for Linux to convert one video file format into another format. It is call Avidemux. There are two versions, GTK and QT version. you can choose either or, I just like QT better because KDE use the same library. :D.

Well, I recently downloaded some files from youtube and then decided that I needed to put those files together. I did not know how so I ask the question to my Linux community in and to my surprise Avidemux can do it. Here is a picture of Avidemux: Multi-Platform Video Editor

The way to do this is by opening a the regular video file and then going to File and append here is a picture of it:

I am assuming that you know how a video editor works and that you might know how to use Avidemux and did not know that you can append one video file with another. So here it is. If you do not know how to use the video editor I will advice you to go to the website and then choose the wiki section or click here.

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