Onion Cheese Vegan Bread

I was making some bread and posted a comment on statusnet identi.ca. I was told that I should list the ingredient. So here it is. A while back I bought a Zojirushi bread machine. I have been making breads like crazy. :D I came a cross to a "Onion Cheese" bread, that tasted heavenly. It was wonderful, but there was a problem. I decided to become a vegan and I could no longer eat the cheese bread. :(

So, one day I was experimenting. I was baking some Rosemary bread and decided to change a little the recipe. I thought why not use granulated onions instead of Rosemary. So I did that. Then I remember there was a little bit of Nutritional Yeast Flakes, that I have had for a while. It was old and I was thinking about throwing that away. For some reason I decided to dump the Nutritional Yeast Flakes on the mixing bowl.

The miracle happened. It was the same tasted as the Onion and Cheese bread that I ate before minus the all the fat of the original recipe. So Here are the ingredients and a picture of the last bread that I made.

1-1/3 Cups of Water

4-1/4 Cups of Bread Flour

4 TBS of Sugar

2 tsp of Salt

3 TBS of Olive oil (or just regular cooking oil)

3 tsp of Rapid Rise Yeast

1 TBS of granulated Onions

1/4 Cup of Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Onion and Cheese Vegan Bread

Let me know what you think. :-P

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Google is Cracking down on android “fragmentation”

So, I was reading a blog. The link is here. Now, the title says it all. I think it is a good idea to stop the fragmentation that android has in the cell market. I think that is wonderful and there is nothing wrong with that idea. But there is something that I am missing. As far as I know, the Android OS for cell phones is released under the BSD license. I don’t now if that has change lately. But I remember reading that it BSD.

As far as I know the BSD license allows the open source code to be used by another company and what ever is build on top of or derived from that code does not have to be return to the company, like the GPL 3 license says.

My question is: why is Google now forcing companies not to make the changes that they want if in reality the software is has the BSD license?

I don’t know a lot about this subject, I just want to know why this is happening.


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