Sabbath’s lunch


So, I keep making my post about what I am eating lately as a vegan.  And for lunch I decided to eat something kind of light.  If I can call it that.

I remembered that I made some Rosmery bread and I had not eating it.  So I thouht about why not eat BBQ Tofu that I made earlier with the Rosmery bread?

So, I quickly took a couple of slices and add some Veganise, or what ever the name is for the grape seed mayonnaise.  I also cut a couple of tomatoes’ slices to go with the bread and added the BBQ Tofu in between the slices.   The sandwich was so good, I am still tasting it a day later.  :-P

I also added some chips to go with it, as you can see in the picture.  Overall, I tgink it was a good fast food for lunch.

Supper for tonight?

I was thinking about what am I going to eat for supper tonight. So, thinking about it, I said to myself, why not vegetable Chinese noodles? I mean it is a good dish as any, and it would give a nice break to rice. Nothing wrong with eating rice, but I thought it would be awesome to duplicate the Chinese egg noodle dish with spaghettis, probably whole wheat and eat them with green onions and vegetables like carrots among other veggies.

What inspired me to come to this conclusion? A video that I was watching on Youtube. You can find it here: So, since it seems easy to duplicate, why not cooking some. :D I will probably eat it with the Barbecue (BBQ or Bar B Q) Tofu that I made yesterday. So, that does not sound that bad. That is what I will be eating tonight. :D

See you then.

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Well, yesterday for dinner I decided to eat some white rice. I usually eat brown rice, but then again for some reason I felt like just eating white rice. :-P

I went to the local market called: Market Basket; and never went to the veggie meat seccion. Then, I realized that there were plenty of veggie meat I have never seen before. Now, I know that those veggie meats are not 100% vegan, but then again, I am not too strict when it comes to eating like that.

So, what did I have for supper last night? White rice some olive oil, :-P Some sparagus with cooked carrots. And some veggie sausages from Boca brand. Boy, they were delicious. it was not bad at all. After all, it was not bad at all.


Vegan Breakfast

So, I have been sick. I mean really sick and I have not been able to do anything outside of the house for the last 2 weeks. :( I do not know what I had, I just know that for the last two weeks I had a strong cough my chest was congested had soar through and for the last week I could not get out of bed. :’-(

So, since today I feel better I decided to get out of bed and workout at the Gym. When I came back I decided to make Breakfast or Brunch. I steamed some Carrots and Asparagus. While they were steaming, I decided to cook some Tempeh with nutritional Yeast flakes, Soy sauce, some oil and a little water. I pass them through water and saute the Tempeh. I do not know how many of you know about Yuca aka Cassava. That is a root which is known to have plenty of fiber. so I made some mashed Yucca and ate them with a small salad with little nuts in them with olive oil. I added the steamed veggies and it was awesome.

So I thought about putting some images for you to see.

I thought that some of you might like to see this.

Enjoy, :-P


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