Vegan Breakfast

So, I have been sick. I mean really sick and I have not been able to do anything outside of the house for the last 2 weeks. :( I do not know what I had, I just know that for the last two weeks I had a strong cough my chest was congested had soar through and for the last week I could not get out of bed. :’-(

So, since today I feel better I decided to get out of bed and workout at the Gym. When I came back I decided to make Breakfast or Brunch. I steamed some Carrots and Asparagus. While they were steaming, I decided to cook some Tempeh with nutritional Yeast flakes, Soy sauce, some oil and a little water. I pass them through water and saute the Tempeh. I do not know how many of you know about Yuca aka Cassava. That is a root which is known to have plenty of fiber. so I made some mashed Yucca and ate them with a small salad with little nuts in them with olive oil. I added the steamed veggies and it was awesome.

So I thought about putting some images for you to see.

I thought that some of you might like to see this.

Enjoy, :-P


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