Supper for tonight?

I was thinking about what am I going to eat for supper tonight. So, thinking about it, I said to myself, why not vegetable Chinese noodles? I mean it is a good dish as any, and it would give a nice break to rice. Nothing wrong with eating rice, but I thought it would be awesome to duplicate the Chinese egg noodle dish with spaghettis, probably whole wheat and eat them with green onions and vegetables like carrots among other veggies.

What inspired me to come to this conclusion? A video that I was watching on Youtube. You can find it here: So, since it seems easy to duplicate, why not cooking some. :D I will probably eat it with the Barbecue (BBQ or Bar B Q) Tofu that I made yesterday. So, that does not sound that bad. That is what I will be eating tonight. :D

See you then.

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