Any video files to vorbis audio.

Guys, people do not know how much power they have with free and open source software, but a neat tool is out and the name is ffmpeg2theora. I wrote a little bit about it before, but this time I am going to talk about how to convert any video file into ogg Vorbis. That is the extension that end on “OGG” Well, I usually try to find out what are the bittrate for the video and audio. There are a number of ways to do that but I usually use a tool which is call “mediainfo” if you would like to go to their website just click here.

With “mediainfo” you can find out information about any about any files out there, so, install it and take advantage. Now, going back to the subject. there are files that I download from the Internet, video files I mean, and convert them to Vorbis media that is OGG file. Any how here is the code: ffmpeg2theora –novideo –no-skeleton input.videofile -o outputmusicfile.ogg . And there you have it, the sound of the file rip from it and encoded in ogg format. There are more tricks, but for that you might want to use the man pages or do ” man ffmpeg2theora”

Now, you have the power to rip any video files into OGG audio files.

The power is users. Just like Captain Planet. :D

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What really surprises me about the Linux and OpenSource software is the amount of, free and OpenSource software there is. Most people do not have to pay unless they want to. But there is a good tool that I have found for encoding and decoding videos and that is ffmpeg2theora.

Have any of you thought about taking a video file from any format that your computer could not read, and then transforming it to a format that your computer could read. That is just a bonus. The good thing about it is that it is free and OpenSource Software, meaning that you have the right to do what ever your want with the software including looking at the source code.

It is true that that this is a command-line converter to create Theora and Vorbis file. But there are frontend out there that the regular user can use. I just like the command-line tool better.

Any how, believe it or not the basic command is: ffmpeg2theora input.file this command will make sure that you have an outpufile.ogv. After that you just have to play the file. If for some reason your program video file can not be played, download VLC.

Here is the link if you did not find it before:

Just give it a try and let me know how you like it. :D

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